• Lighting Design & Solution to Customer’s Requirement
  • Customized Products
  • Best Customer Support
  • Installation and Service
  • UL and CE approved Drivers.
  • Wide range of color temperature (2700 K – 6500K)
  • 3 years of guarantee.

Workshop and Testing Facility:

TEPL manufacturing unit is equipped with Hi-Tech automated Instruments which full fills the purpose of mass and fast production.

TEPL testing Lab is installed with Hi-Tech Instruments to carry out Colorimetric, Photometric and Electrical measurements.

Our Laboratory is equipped with Spectrophotometer with two different sizes of integrated sphere, which are capable of testing both Luminarie and single LED. We also have Konica Minolta’s chromameter which serves purpose of on site testing.

We can evaluate following LED Characteristics.

  • Total Light Output
  • Spectral Radiant Flux  and Spectral Luminous Flux
  • Chromaticity coordinates and color (CCT)
  • Spectrum.
  • Angular Distribution
  • Forward Voltage
  • Efficacy
  • Power Factor

Our technology partners:

  • CREE
  • Mean well
  • LED Link
  • Bayer
  • The worlds best CREE LED, from USA is utilized for manufacturing TechnoLED brand Luminaries
  • Why we use CREE led:
  • Cree Model No: MLE, MX3, MX6, XPG, XPE, XML)
  • Lumen output at 350mA : From 112Lm to 139 Lm
  • Wide viewing angle: 120°.
  • RoHS-compliant.
  • LED Life >= 1,00,000 burning hours.
  • Efficient and high Power

We use only MCPCB for heat transfer and thermal conductivity in order to increase the performance of LED.LED mounting on MCPCB: We follow reflow soldering process as per guidelines laid by CREE through Automatic Reflow Machine. As per guidelines of CREE, the temperature up to 250 deg and maximum 180 sec is maintained. (Reflow Chart Animation).We use only 3M Thermal Conductive Tape which has 93 – 98% heat transfer


  • We use only Aluminum Heat Sink –
  • To Transfer thermal energy from a higher temperature to a lower temperature.
  • To increase the surface area available for cooling.
  • They are typically comprised of a base and a fin pack.
  • The base conducts the heat from the chip out to the fins.
  • The heat is then conducted up the fins.
  • Air moving past the fin surfaces removes the heat by convection



To solve the angle, flux, luminous intensity, light distribution, an Optical Design is utilized.We use polycarbonate Lens for the better transmission of light.We take care of beam angles as per the requirements of application.We give different angles of Lenses: 100,150, 250,400,600. We also give symmetric and asymmetric beam patterns for Street Light. For High Bay we use 30×65, 20x 65, 15×50, 25×45 Degrees.


We use only Mean well power supply and driver.
We use universal AC input driver which covers the range of 90V-260V.
Protection : Short Circuit, overload, over temperature, over voltage.
Constant Voltage design UL and CE approved.
Cold Start with hiccup mode
Power Factor (PF) > 0.95

Third Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 10%
Built in CC + CV mode.
Dimming function is also available.
3 years warranty from the manufacturer.
Available in IP20, IP65, IP67, IP68.
Driver efficiency range 85% to 95%