Why LED?

LedLight, LedLights, Led lighting are the most energy efficient light source available today. Led lighting is well known for it’s longevity of lifetime working hours. Most Led light bulbs can last from 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours.

Rest assured that Led lighting supplied by Led Light Co has zero mercury and will not jeapordize your family or your customers health.

Led lighting with it’s warranties guarantee substantial money savings throughout the life of the product.

Why LED Lights?

There are numerous advantages of LED lighting products, which have a great degree of reliability, durability, longevity, ease of operation, and energy efficiency. LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 25,000 to some 100,000 hours of service life, while providing tremendous energy savings over conventional incandescent light bulbs destined for phase out in the US by 2012, and compact fluorescent lights. Modern LEDs are four times as energy efficient as CFLs, and turn on to full brightness instantaneously. There is no need to wait a few minutes for a bulb to warm up. LED lights can be recycled in a safe manner, because unlike compact fluorescent lights, LEDs do not contain Mercury, or any other harmful materials and will not jeapordize your family or your friends health.

Energy Efficiency and Lifespan Advantages of LEDs

White, bright LED lights consume only 25% of the energy required to produce equivalent amount of light by compact fluorescent lights. LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 4 to 10 times longer than compact fluorescent lights or CFLs. LEDs can also help reduce your cooling costs, because unlike incandescent lights, they do not produce excessive heat. (source: greenledlights.org)